Meaning do you voluntarily push yourself past your comfort zone?
- You know when you think - “How am I going to do this?"
- Then you start the process and say, “This is really challenging."
- As you continue on, you decide, “I can totally do this."
- Once you finish, you feel, “I am stronger than I thought.”

This is called “Lift Heavy”. You are choosing to take on a heavy load. It can be in the gym - lifting heavy weights. It can be at work - taking on a big project. It can be at home - tackling a DIY. It can be anywhere. The point is - we all need to LIFT HEAVY.

Lifting Heavy has those four stages:
1) Question
2) Experience
3) Realize
4) Validate

Unfortunately many of us fall prey to this four stage when prompted to “Lift Heavy”:
1) Doubt - “I don’t think I can do this."
2) Observe - "That looks too hard."
3) Judge - “Why would anyone do that?"
4) Limit - “I can’t.”

Next time you are given the chance to “Lift Heavy” - think about which four stages you want to move through.
I will give you a hint, PICK THE FIRST!

Be Healthy - Be Happy

No Excuses!

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