I use to teach group fitness classes at various gyms, clubs and studios.  One time I was “subbing” for another instructor last minute so there wasn’t enough time to add my name onto the website as a sub.  I was checking people into the class when one guy stops and asks me, “Are you teaching this class?”  I told him that I was filling
in because the regular instructor was ill.  He looked very upset.  He quickly said, “Take me out of the class.”  As he walked out he mumbled to the other people waiting in line to sign in, “I don’t like that instructor”.  His words raised eyebrows and I immediately felt hurt.  A person in line asked, “What did you do to him?”

I know not everyone will like me.  That guy who left my class probably wasn’t the first student to not like me. Not everyone likes the way I teach.  My classes are intense but not because I make up hard exercises.  It’s because I am in your space.  I make sure you do it right.  I hold you accountable for your actions.  I don’t let
you cheat yourself.  I call you out when I know you are holding back.  You can’t hide in the back corner.  You can’t stare at yourself in the mirror.  I don’t let you lose any bit of the 60 minutes you signed up for.  I believe in hard work when you step into my class.  Not everyone will like that – I get that.  What I don’t get is this:

I genuinely care about people who come into my space.  I honestly put your needs in front of mine when I am helping you.  I am consistently there for you when you need me.  I don’t compete with you.  I don’t judge you.  I won’t lie or cheat.  So in the game of life, all the people that come in and out of your life, how many can you say
will be like me and genuinely care about you?

What did I do to you?  I cared about you.  I know you don’t like me.  It’s because I hold you accountable.  It’s because you can’t cheat with me.  You can’t fool me.  You can’t lie to me.  You can’t compete with me.  It’s because I see who you are.

Do you like me?

I care about you

I care about you

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