At my studio I do not weigh my clients.  There is no scale.  I personally don’t own a scale.  When I go to the doctors office, I look away from the scale because I don’t want to know how much I weigh.  I suggest to all of my
clients to throw their scale away and stop looking down at that number.

I understand that many people focus on their weight so they use the scale to measure that.  They use a scale to keep them on track because once they reach their ideal weight they will be ….. happy?  But what if I told you – you
didn’t need the scale?  What if I said that as soon as you release yourself from being owned by the number you see looking down at your feet is when you will be happy?  What if I said, stop looking down?

As soon as you can get rid of the idea you need to be a certain number – you will be happy.  As soon as you can pick walking outside instead of watching tv – you will be happy. As soon as you can choose clean food versus processed food – you will be happy.  As soon as you can stop counting at calories and start throwing away chemicals (artificial sweeteners are the worse) – you will be happy.  As soon as you can spend more time preparing your food than ordering your food – you will be happy.  As soon as your actions define you and not a number, what you wear, what you drive or where you live or even how much money you make – you will be happy.

Your happiness with yourself isn’t defined by a number you see looking down at your feet. It’s a reflection of a continuous healthy relationship with yourself with no breaks, pauses or my favorite phrase “cheat days”. You are
honest with yourself.  You are true to yourself.  You are good to yourself meaning you sleep when you are tired. You rest when you are ill.  You eat so that you can have energy.  You drink so that you can be hydrated.  It’s the mentality that you can always be better, versus thinking you are worse than before.  It’s the “wanting” to take care of yourself versus “having” to take care of yourself.  It’s the motivation and drive to be the best you can be and never settling for less while being appreciative for what you already have and how far you have come.

If you are the type of person that keeps a scale in your bathroom and starts your day looking down, this post is for you.  Throw that scale away and stop looking down in order to be happy.  Choose to look up instead and just BE

Do you look down?

Do You Look Down?

Do You Look Down?

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