The other day I got a phone call from a client that I helped. She had been dealing with back pain for almost a two years and hadn’t done any physical activity after a serious skiing injury.  She was scared to push herself in her workouts.  She was feeling unhappy with her body which eventually caused her to be unhappy with her life.  It was truly hard to hear her story because it is a story that can happen to any of us.  Once an athlete, pushing boundaries, working hard, in shape and active – all compromised in one accident.

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Do You Love?

So I get a message from her on my phone saying, “Lisa I drove by your studio and realized how much I miss you in my life.  I truly loved … and hated our sessions together.”  She proceeded to go on about how her life has changed and she is so much happier now that she is active again and not living with pain.  Before she hung up the phone she said, “Lisa I truly love you for helping me gain my life back.”  When I sought out a profession in fitness I never knew how much I would be loved.  I knew I loved fitness but who knew that people would love me for it.  My world is filled with amazing people that have enormous hearts. It literally brings tears to my eyes and a big smile on my face thinking about how lucky I am.  I love what I do and those around me love me for doing it.


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