It is a good feeling to be needed.  I feel privileged when I am the person my clients need to help them do one more repetition in an exercise.  I am honored when someone emails me and needs my advice on what to eat.  I am flattered when clients tell me they need me in their life.  The honest truth is that I need them too.  Without clients I would not have a successful business.  Without their trust I would not be able to push them as hard as I do.  Without their respect I wouldn’t be able to help them meet their fitness goals.  Without both of us needing each other we wouldn’t have a relationship, nor have the depth of intimacy that is required to grow to be successful.

LisaFIT Training 36

Do You Need Me?

In life, we need people whether we choose to believe it or not.  We need to allow those around us to effect us, change us and help us grow.  It is then that we find our greatest love and happiness – when we find what we need.  Do you need me?  I am here.

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