There are thousands of personal trainers and yoga teachers in San Diego. Just in the neighborhood of my studio, there are more than twenty exercise businesses within a three mile radius. The fitness industry is saturated with many professionals so it is up to me to stand out.

That is why when I get asked to lecture, teach, write, speak, host, donate or do anything that can bring attention to LisaFIT – I do it! Recently I got asked to contribute to by giving my professional opinion about beginner yoga. It took me some time to write my submission. I really wanted to be in the article and I knew that there were no guarantees. is a nationally recognized website and other professionals were being asked to contribute as well.

This morning I get an email that says, “Thank you for your contribution”. I quickly run through the article and there I am, MY NAME and MY BUSINESS. The best part is it’s all under these words, “we went to a few of the country’s top yoga teachers and asked them to share their top beginner tips.”

Today is the last day of my 42nd year on this planet and it couldn’t have ended any better. I know there are tons of personal trainers and yoga teachers. I know there are studios on every corner. I know that many people are passionate about what they do. What I want to know is, how many of them stand out?

Do you stand out?

Do You Stand Out?

Do You Stand Out?

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