I had to go to the eighth floor last week.  I parked underground on level “B” which meant I was two levels below.  I was early so I decided to take the stairs for a reason other than pure exercise.  I was hesitant to attend this appointment and was nervous about the outcome.  I needed a distraction. So my version of taking the stairs was to run it, then double step it and sprint the end.

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Do You Take The Stairs?

Ten flights of stairs and by the time I got to the office I was sweating and breathing heavily but I felt so much better about the appointment.  I walked in with a smile and the receptionist looked at me oddly in fact the entire waiting room looked at me funny.  It was probably the loud breathing and sweat dripping down my forehead.  The receptionist kept asking me if I wanted water.  I told her that I took the stairs and she decided to tell the entire office.  No one could believe that I took the stairs.  They all admitted they thought about it. Then the office was in conversation about walking the stairs on their lunch break together.  It was so great to watch my small choice to take the stairs motivate a whole office to do the same. I guess they realized people don’t die when they take the stairs.

When given the choice to move your body or to stand still and stare at the ceiling, please tell me this post will motivate you to take the stairs.  I did take the elevator on the way down and watched everyone either stare at the ceiling or bury their faces in their cell phones.  I just stood there, smiled, softly sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys that was playing in the elevator and felt the sweat still dripping down my back.  It felt good!

Do you take the stairs?

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