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Do You Want To Be Addicted?

I have been told to take a break from exercise but I cannot.   I am addicted.  I love the rush I get when I am pushing to sprint up a hill.  I love the way my body feels when its pumped from weights.  I love the way my heart feels when I am out of breath.  I love the “high” I get when I am physically moving especially outside.  Its an addiction and I am more than happy to share that with you.

What if I told you that my addiction could reduce your chances of having a heart attack?  How about if you knew my drug could cure your depression?  Or if you realized that my obsession would make you happier?  Would you want to be addicted?  Exercise has been proven to alter blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, sleep issues, digestive problems and the list goes on.  Exercise is one of the best mood enhancers aiding in reducing depression, anxiety and stress.

I am more than happy to be the person who gets you addicted to exercise.

Do you want to be addicted?

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