I have been there.  You want to work out, but by the time you get to the gym, its time to change a diaper or feed a baby.  Then you have to prioritize what to get done during nap time.   New mothers have a window of opportunity to get in time for themselves and it comes few and far between.

One of the best things about having LisaFIT is that new moms feel comfortable to bring their babies, nurse them and tend to them without feeling like they are bothering other people.  Plus, they know I am a mother of three and there is nothing that a baby or child can do in my presence that will throw me off my “game”.

Calling all new moms, if you want your body back guess what?  You have NO EXCUSES! Bring your baby here, workout while they are awake so you don’t lose precious nap time and I will help you get what you deserve.

Do you want your body back?

Do You Want Your Body Back?

Do You Want Your Body Back?

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