Clients ask me all the time, “Aren’t the workouts suppose to get easier?”  Their thought process is that they are getting stronger both muscular and cardiovascular so why is it that the workouts feel more challenging?  I get that.  What they don’t understand, is my thought process.

I have gotten to know their body better.  I know where they can push harder because I see their strengths.  I know how to work around an injury so that they don’t have to be afraid to get hurt.  I know how to fuel them so that they can endure a sixty minute workout.

So my answer to “Why doesn’t it get easier?” is, “It does get easier.”  You can move with ease, pain free.  You can breath with ease, no dizziness.  You can push weight with ease, no joint aches.  You can endure with ease because you are eating the right foods.  You can sleep with ease versus tossing and turning.  You can live with ease knowing that you are giving back to yourself.  Your life gets easier!

Okay – so your time with me might not feel “easier” because it is my job to modify, alter, tweak and adjust your workouts so that you meet your goals and stay challenge.  BUT – the rest of the time that I am not with you, your days, your workouts, your sleep, your life – they all get easier.

Does it get easier?

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