I already exercised. I am done with work. I am not responsible for children tonight. I have no desire to cook. I want to watch Gilmore Girls, drink wine and eat the last of my homemade apple streusel muffins that took me 3 hours to make from scratch.

Don’t judge.

We all have our moments where the score is Life - 1 / Me - 0.
Today is that sort of day.
Maybe it's because I am reminiscing about the year.
Perhaps it’s because my children are all out.
Or could it be that the sun has set, the moon is out and the day is gone.

Who knows and who cares. Does there need to be a reason to confirm one’s desire to drink wine and eat a dessert for dinner is what I am getting at? I took this photo because we see photos of great food, well balanced meals, amazing edible creations but do we ever see the burnt toast and yesterday's coffee? Do we see the Diet Coke and fat free yogurt? Does anyone post the day old pizza and a non carbonated soda?

Why don’t we see the shortcomings?
Where are the struggles?
Who is out there wishing, “Don’t Judge”.

I give you all permission to reveal you less than attractive selfies, to post your unsuccessful attempts, to talk about your sadness, to bare your uncomfortable uneasy truth.

You have permission.
Just Don’t Judge!

Dont Judge

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