down to earth

Have you seen, “Down To Earth”?

Not only do I love the title, but I am in love with the show. It reminded me of a dream I had in my early twenties.

Before children and marriages – I wanted to be a physician. My dream was to live off the earth, offer medical care to those without access and be submersed in foreign culture. This dream got me through all my premed classes. I wanted to live my life Helping and Exploring.

The first episode made me sad that I had not made my dream come true. I felt restless for change. I grieved at the thought, “Where would I be now?” I wanted to figure out how to come back to my dream. I watched another episode and to my surprise -

Instead of watching with envy – I embraced their passion.
Instead of watching with regret – I was content with inspiration.
Instead of watching with sadness – I felt a spark of love in me that had dimmed.

Then it dawned on me, I am living my dream.

I support people in taking control of their health and happiness. I train their bodies and coach their minds. I guide them through stress. I walk them through their stretches. I assist them through their pain. I introduce them to yoga. I Help.

As soon as you walk through my studio – I study you. I learn your body. I investigate your pain. I listen to the unsaid. I watch your movement. I get to know your whole being – mind and body so that I can offer a holistic approach to your sessions. I Explore.

“Sometimes dreams don’t turn out exactly the way you had planned but thankfully if you keep loving what you do, the plans change to make your dreams come true.” ~ lisafit

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