Wednesday is Sushi Rolls for $6 at Jimbo’s and my daughter loves sushi.
I always look for organic beef liver for my dog and today I found it.

Waiting in the check out line and the baker puts outs freshly made Vegan Coconut Cookies.

The other day I spent an hour picking out 5 pretty panties for $30 on Victoria’s Secret's website.

I was cleaning out my car and found a Nectar gift card under my seat.

Lastly - I got a new toothbrush (my teeth make me happy).

These are the small wins in life that I hold onto.

Do you go to bed with excitement for the new day?
Do you think to yourself, “Something great is going to happen”?
Did you wake up today feeling, “Today is going to be a good day?"
Let us all focus on the small wins and see how that goes.
I think it will go very far!!

Focus on small wins

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