Focus on the positive

There is continuous news on how more are getting sick, businesses are closing, people are protesting, our country is falling apart and basically the sky is falling. I understand we need to be aware and informed but what about bringing attention to the other side, the positive and the possibility?

What about the people who are staying healthy? What businesses are making it work?
What about practicing peace?
What about us bonding together?
Have you noticed that the sky has not fallen?

I want to be aware AND I want to bring attention to the good, the possibility and the optimism behind what we are all experiencing.

I am going to leave you with this silly story that happened this morning:
I am hosting my outdoor social distancing spin pump class today and I see a woman walking across the street with no shoes on looking rather upset carrying her phone. I am smiling and waving, she is not. She walks very close to us with NO MASK on and says to me, “EVERY day, EVERY one can hear your loud music. It is EVERY morning.”

Okay, seriously?!?!  In the current state of our world – I am a small business owner practicing all the necessary regulations and guidelines to help myself stay in business and others stay healthy and happy and YOU are going to allow the  loudness of my music to bother you?Really?

This is what I am talking about, PEOPLE PLEASE – focus on the positive!

Be Healthy – Be Happy

No Excuses!

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