Do you want to be FREE of FAT (Feeling inAdequate Thoughts)?
FAT stops you from obtaining your goals.
FAT makes you want to quit.
FAT prevents you from being happy.
FAT is BS and here is how you get rid of FAT for good!
Step 1 – Tolerate what you cannot control like genetics and age. Do something about the things you can control like your health, your reactions and your happiness.
Step 2 – Be Patient with your illnesses and injuries. Your body wants you to pay attention to it not to stop moving it. 
Step 3– Forgive yourself for not being where you want to be right now. You are exactly where you should be and that is becoming a better you.
Step 4 – Accept where you are in life. If you can’t touch your toes start stretching today. If you don’t have a six pack rock your bathing suit. 
Free yourself from FAT with Tolerance, Patience, Forgiveness and Acceptance. This plan to rid FAT never gets boring, nor do you feel like you need to have a cheat day and it costs nothing. It will make you look and feel better – I promise!

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