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“I had a great experience with LisaFit’sWellness Journal! I had a creeping suspicion that I should be keeping track of what I was eating but I never had let myself. When my wife expressed interest in LisaFit’s Wellness Journal, I thought it would be a good tool for finally tracking my eating. It was! But I was surprised to find it was so much more. I really appreciated that there were so many fun manageable and interesting ways to approach self-reflection. This is so helpful! There are countless programs out there and millions of experts dying to tell you what to do but I think that it is crucial that we all get better at self-reflection first to better know what we each need to be our best. LisaFit’s Wellness Journal is great because it doesn’t attempt to force some “one size fits all” program on you. It sets you up to practice self-reflection from multiple angles so that you get to know yourself which is your best starting point to then be able to take that next step in the right direction toward self-improvement. Thanks Lisa!”

DW – husband, father, business owner

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