I started my fitness career 25 years ago.  Back then there were no personal trainers or different exercise classes.  There was just “Jazzercise” and you had a choice of Low Impact, High Impact or Combo.  The room was dark with neon signs along the wall that read, “Sweat” and “Move”.  I had a microphone attached to a long cord and a little carpeted stage.  And yes I wore leg warmers with a matching headband.

I was recently at a very upscale athletic club and saw these cards which made me think of my Jazzercise days.  When I wasn’t teaching a class I would walk around the gym asking members if they had a fitness card made for them.  These cards listed exercises and I would check off the ones they should do and write down the weight they should lift.  The card would then be kept in an open file, alphabetically like you see in the picture.  The member would find it when they came into the gym and walk around with their card doing the exercises that were given to them.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 42

Have You Evolved?

I thought the fitness world had evolved but seeing these cards at such a prestigious gym makes me realize that a lot of things comes back around full circle.

Have you evolved?

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