Are You A Healthy Choice Hater? (Part 1)
It has been brought to my attention on SEVERAL occasions that people spend too much time “hating” on other peoples’ healthy choices. My clients tell me all the time that they catch “shit” for not participating in the eating and drinking festivities. They feel pressured in ordering a cocktail at work events held in a bar. They get teased for ordering a salad at a dinner party. They feel shunned when they don’t sample a dessert. They get a guilt trip for not taking seconds at a family potluck. They hear things like, “One day isn’t going to kill you” and “It’s the holidays” or “You can have one cheat day, right?”
Why are you so consumed with the person in your life who wants to make a healthy choice? Would you pressure a coworker at a bar to order a cocktail if they were a recovering alcoholic? Would you tease your friend for ordering a salad if she was fighting obesity? Would you shun your partner for not eating dessert if he was diagnosed with diabetes? Would you give a guilt trip to your sibling for not taking seconds if he was trying to reduce his cholesterol? Do we have to wait until something bad happens to be respectful, compassionate and tolerant of other people’s choices?
If you know someone trying to make or is making healthy choices for WHATEVER reason, please be supportive. A person shouldn’t have to be an addict, ill or diseased to receive respect, compassion and tolerance for making a change for the better. In fact, go an extra step further and join them. Misery loves company but Healthy lives Happier!


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