Hearts of Palm Pasta Review
Hearts Of Palm Pasta Review1

My review on the trendy hearts of palm pasta.

A client tells me that there is a great pasta that I have to try. She says, “You can eat the entire box because it is only 60 calories!!”
I get this amazing pasta and here is what happens. It’s says to either microwave it or heat it on a pan. I put it in my cast iron to heat it up with some sesame oil thinking I am going to make some yummy garlic sesame noodles. NOPE - it sticks to the cast iron. I put more oil and now it’s mush. I add broccoli and now there are little pieces of mushed artichoke pasta stuck to the broccoli. It doesn’t taste too great and what do I do to help the taste??? I add a half of jar of kimchee to it.
I don’t know if it’s really my thing - artichoke heart pasta. I would rather eat real pasta. If you are watching calories then make pasta. I am guessing without a pasta machine - you have to burn at least 150 calories making the pasta by hand. It’s no joke. You have to keep kneading it over and over plus all the rolling it takes to get it super thin. One cup of cooked pasta is about 200 calories.
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