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LisaFit is located at 4034 Wabaska Drive, Suite A, San Diego, California 92107. It is on the corner of Wabaska Drive and Voltaire in Point Loma

Personal Training Sessions -Starts at $85.00/ 60 minute sessions, Private training includes individual assessment, realistic goal setting, nutritional and supplemental guidelines as well as a personal workout. Each workout is designed to address your needs, for example: a cardiovascular warm-up, strength training session, deep stretching and muscular manipulation.
Package prices: 10 sessions $800, $80 each session / 20 sessions $1500, $75 each session
Must be paid in full, all sessions are to be used within six months after purchase. Once package is purchased, no refunds are permitted and sessions are not transferrable.
$50 for 30 minute sessions. There are no package rates for 30 minute sessions.

Shared Sessions – You can still get the benefit of personal training while sharing your time with another person or two.
Two people: $50 / person
Three people: $40 / person
These sessions work best if you have a friend or two with similiar goals, fitness ability and schedule. Please let me know if you would like me to help pair you up with a current client. *You must schedule a private personal session for a full assessment before participating in any shared sessions.

Focused Intense Training (FIT) Classes$25 / class or $200 / 10 pack. All classes are listed on the calendar, open to the public. You will get the same feeling as hiring a personal trainer without the cost. You can experience the fun social setting as you would in a group exercise class without the confusion or crowds. Classes are limited to six participants and you MUST RSVP. Participants must be in good health standing with little to no injuries.

FIT Class: Spin Pump 6:30AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  It combines spinning with resistance training using bands, cables and weights.  45 minutes is on the bike and the last 15 minutes off the bike for stretching and mat work.  

Corporate Wellness$100.00/ 50minute session. These sessions are held at the convenience of your office.  The goal is to give your employees a opportunity to stretch their bodies   and recharge their mind so that they are more productive during their work day. The fifty minutes consist of yoga movements along with stretch postures and ideas on how they can relieve aches and pains at their desk.  (Additional charge if further than 10 miles from zip code 92107.)

Online Support$75.00, each assessment.  This is a great way to shock your body with something different without scheduling for an in person session. We all need to change our routines. Email me your fitness regimen and I will send you a new workout. If you want to change your physique or energy with diet and not sure what to do, you can email me your current diet. I will carefully look through it and send you back recommendations on how you can better fuel yourself.

Metabolic Proflie$100 consultation fee, I will go through what an average day in your life is like – work, exericse, food, sleep and create a program for you to burn more calories and eat smarter. You do not have to come to my studio.

Private Classes$30.00/person, minimum of four people. You can customize your class to meet the needs of the group. This is a great way to build your professional team, enjoy a celebration or just treat your friends. Private classes are a perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or reunion.  The class can be formatted for fitness or for yoga.

Charitable Organizations please contact me directly.  I am always open to donating my time.

Lisa Yee 619-318-8747 lisa@lisafit.com

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