How long can you hold it?  How long can you endure it?  What makes you stop?  What causes you to drop to your knees?  I get asked all the time, “How can you push yourself so hard?”.  I am not sure what the answer to that is.  I often wonder if it is a good thing.  The internal wiring that makes me hold a contraction through pain is the same that will make me hold onto something longer than I should.  The endurance that I have during an intense cardio session can often be seen as me not being able to walk away from a negative situation.  The fact that I don’t stop to break in my workouts translates to me not knowing how to take time for myself and rest.  When I drop to my knees I am often so tapped out that I can’t get back up.

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Hold That Contraction

In my life, when I finally get to the point when I have had enough – I do find it challenging to pick myself back up.   So what makes me push myself so hard in the gym?  There is something about me that just doesn’t like to give up, walk away or unfortunately let go.

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