I read this quote, “Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be” by David Wolfe.  It automatically made me think of New Years resolutions.  Anyone who wants success or just to stick to their new years resolution must abide by this quote.

Accept what is: You are at a place in your life for a reason.  Stop complaining about how fat the holidays made you.  You have no one and nothing to blame.  You aren’t to shame yourself or feel guilty.  You are to accept and to take responsibility.  Your actions and lack of actions have had a direct impact on your life.  Accept it.

Let go of what was: You aren’t ever going to be able to get the past back.  You won’t have the body you had twenty or thirty years ago or weigh the same amount you did in college.  Stop wanting that, in fact throw your scale away.  Throw those clothes away that you were “waiting” to fit back into.  Let it all go.

Have faith in what will be: Give yourself the opportunity to be better.  Stop “pigeon holding” yourself.  Stop saying things like, “I know I won’t be able to stick to my diet” or “I will never be happy with my body” or “I can’t imagine doing a pull up”.  Have faith.

With a lot of acceptance, continuous letting go and a strong relationship with faith – you can succeed.  Remember this when you are struggling to hold onto your new years resolutions.  Don’t be a statistic (85% quit their resolutions by week two).

How are you doing with your resolution?

How Are You Doing With Your Resolution?

How Are You Doing With Your Resolution?

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