Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 630AM LisaFIT has a SpinPump class.  You must commit by letting me know you will attend, no walk ins.  The class is limited to six people so that you can get a lot of attention.  It’s an amazing workout!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually the same people attend.  They get up early and show up tired but are ready to be energized.  Today I had a special surprise for them.  The class was held outside.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 59

How Do You Get Energized?

Sometimes energy doesn’t come from a cup of coffee or a pill or a song or your personal trainer.  It can come from the sun’s rays.  You can feed off of the wind.  You can absorb the outside air and let that fuel you.  The energy at SpinPump today was incredible.

How do you get energized?

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