Some pain cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Can you see on my ankle what has caused me to stop running for a month now?  No one knows what I am feeling inside or how it has affected my life.

I have adjusted my workouts and have been very strict with my diet to accommodate for lack of exercise intensity.  So anyone looking at me wouldn’t know what I have been enduring.

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How Do You Handle Pain?

Like many, hiding my pain has been my survival mechanism.   Making adjustments to live with the pain has been another way to manage my life.  I am not sure why we do this?  I don’t know what makes us wired to hide pain or especially to live with it.
I know that my ankle pain will eventually go away as it is getting better and better with rest and that is what I am doing to heal myself.  What are you doing with your pain?  How are you healing yourself?  How do you handle your pain?

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