How do you treat yourself?

It has taken a REALLY long time for me to treat myself well. I have done my share of beating up my body in the gym and beating myself up over mistakes. I am no stranger to eating poorly or over drinking only to feel like crap and say “I will never do that again” then do it again. I have looked in the mirror, been grossed out AND been impressed all in the same sitting. I have spent way too much time talking myself into eating the cleanest possible food on the menu only to end up jealous at what everyone else is eating. I have had a love hate relationship with the scale, love to tell people not to worry about what they weigh and hate the fact I can’t do that myself. I have that one pair of pants that I swear, “One day I will fit again!”

This is the life for me and I have no idea why my brain thinks the way it does or why I have little benign struggles over innocent things other people wouldn’t give two seconds on. I am okay with that. It keeps me working on being better. It keeps me focusing on my health. It keeps me putting effort into my happiness. With the being said, it has created a journey for me that has lead me to where I am at - treating myself well.

I have learned that there are THREE components to being good to ones self.

It is about CONSISTENCY, putting in the work 90% of the time and being realistic to what that work is. It is about COMPASSION, making sure to be okay with set backs, stuck ins and fall downs. It is about CELEBRATION, being able to acknowledge with joy where you are in life no matter what.
It has taken me a really long time to formulate this equation to wellness but it is guaranteed to propel you into treating yourself well!

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