Are you really hungry? I get that you are feeling something but does it have to be hunger? Meaning – if you feel something in your body and you label it “hungry” what are you most likely to do? EAT!! But let’s say you feel the same sensation and you choose tell yourself, “My stomach is clean” then what do you think you will do? You most likely won’t eat and if you decide to eat, it will probably be something clean because who likes to make a mess in a tidy space?
If you want to change a behavior you have to start with your mindset. You feel hungry –  you eat. You want to start eating less so you tell yourself, “STOP eating!” Sorry – won’t work. You want to start eating less so you re-examine what it is your feeling. As long as you call your feeling, “hunger” – you will continue to keep eating. No one ever wants to go hungry and food is the solution to actual hunger. Start investigating what it is you are feeling.
Could it be boredom? Start a hobby or pick up one that you used to enjoy. 
Maybe stressed? Begin a practice that aides in stress reduction like meditation or exercise. 
Are you tired? Take a nap or if that isn’t possible, get outside and go for a walk.
Do you just need a glass of water? Hydration is one of the most common sensations that gets misread as hunger – go figure. 

If you are finding the holidays are preventing you from being healthy and happy then you will definitely want to read the –12 Days of Wellness! 

DAY 8 On the eight day of wellness that LisaFIT gave to me – (sing to the tune of “First day of Christmas…”, don’t make me sing it for you.)

Before you decide to load up on all food this holiday season, please do me one big favor – Drink a glass of water first. It will fill up your belly so you won’t eat so fast. It will buy you some time to make healthy choices versus quick impulsive choices. It will hydrate you and help your digestion.
Struggling with always feeling hungry?
Do the Hunger TestQuickly drink (2) eight ounces of water. Do 20 jumping jacks or push ups or squats. If you feel light headed or dizzy then you probably need to eat something. If you feel warm and energized then you do not need to eat something.

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