I am GUMBY, dammit!

Do you remember this SNL skit? Eddie Murphy was dressed as Gumby the super flexible and really sweet green clay character. The funny part was Eddie Murphy’s character was extremely judgmental, easily angered and very narrow-minded. Although he was dressed like Gumby he acted completely different than the clay Gumby, that’s what made it so hilarious to watch.
When are you Gumby the clay character – Flexible in body and mind?
When are you Gumby, dammit – Inflexible in thoughts and beliefs?
Is there a way you can be more flexible in your life?
Can you bend your thoughts?
Can you extend your beliefs? 
Can you stretch yourself this holiday season?
You can start with the mind or the body – just start somewhere. 
If you are finding the holidays are preventing you from being healthy and happy then you will definitely want to read the –12 Days of Wellness! 

DAY 4 On the fourth day of wellness that LisaFIT gave to me – (sing to the tune of “First day of Christmas”…, don’t make me sing it for you.)

If you are waking up thinking, “Man, my body is so stiff in the morning”, then this is for you. Before you get out of bed I want you to do four easy stretches. 
1) Bring one knee to your chest, one leg long – then alternate.
2) Bring both knees to your chest, wrap arms around shins and tuck chin to chest.
3) Take knees over to one side and open arms out long like a “T”, then move knees over to the other side.
4) Reach arms over head, straighten legs, arch back, lift chest, extend neck and press back of head into bed – stay for a few breaths.
Doing these stretches BEFORE you get out of bed will get you saying, “Man, I am so glad I read the 12 Days of Wellness from LisaFIT. I am going to tell all my friends and family about her!”

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