Today I taught a meditation yoga class. Not something that I do on a regular basis so I took some time to research and did some experimenting myself during my own yoga meditation practice. For those of you unfamiliar with the general yoga class, let me explain – in the beginning of class instructors say, “Set an intention”, a purpose for your yoga practice and it always feels like we are instructed to put out into the universe something we are seeking. Which is easy because we all seek more peace, more strength, more flexibility, more happiness, more love etc. So it made me think, are people coming to their mats to acquire something? If our mantras, chants or repetitive words are always starting with “I want” or “I wish” then there is this notion that I am without. That just didn’t sit well with me.

Today I asked everyone to set their intention and offered a bit of suggestion. I said, “If the words ‘I wish…’ or ‘I want ..’ were part of your intention then please replace them with “I am”.

We come to our mats not to seek or obtain because that implies we do not have. We come to cultivate what is already within ourselves. Most of the time we just need to detach from our physical self, mostly ego and disengage from our mental chatter, mostly fear so that our true selves can appear.

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