Its probably been just the last five years that I have gotten people asking me, “What do you do for a workout?” Or “What do you do for your arms… legs… etc?”  And I have to tell you, I feel so complimented.  Before when I was younger and use to spend two hours in the gym and counted every calorie that went into my body, people use to ask me, “Do you workout?”  It killed me because I wanted to be admired for my hard work in the gym.

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I Work Out

What has changed?  I am older with three children, less time to spend in the gym and more chaos to get in the way of eating healthy.  How is it that my workouts now show on my body?  I think because I make use of my time in the gym.  I kick butt!!  I go into the gym with a purpose, a plan, to get in, attack and get out.  Most importantly my mindset has changed.  Instead of just focusing on what I look like, more muscle, less fat, blah blah blah, I now need my workouts to reduce stress, feel strong, stay healthy.  It’s like anything else, when you aren’t fixated on it, when you least expect it –  you get what you want.

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