It’s a 45 minute group circuit-training scheduled class. Each station is timed with a monitor showing a computerized person doing the exercise. In the beginning the trainer shows you all the exercises, assigns the stations and then you are on your own. The music turns on, the monitors count down for you and there are 1-2 trainers walking around checking on people. It’s a bit confusing figuring out which station goes with which monitor. There are different types of circuit classes with very funny names and really silly descriptions. You get a free week so give it a try. 
Pros- Lots of classes to choose from and times throughout the day. Fast workout, 45 minutes and it goes by quickly.
Cons – Not for beginners because the exercises are challenging. Not for people who may need to wear glasses to see the monitor. Not for ANYONE with back, knee, shoulder, ankle, or any joint problems.  There’s just not enough guidance for this type of workout.
As always – whatever motivates you to love your body!

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices


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