Yesterday I got to watch an IMAX film.  The movie showed astronauts in space.  I have very little knowledge of what it takes to become an astronaut or what its like living in a space shuttle.  I do now know that within the space craft there is exercise equipment.  It was great to see that there was an emphasis on staying physically fit considering the small quarters.  I looked further into this and saw all sorts of contraptions created for resistance training and cardiovascular training.  I watched interviews from astronauts stating that exercise was one of the things that helped to keep them feeling physically and mentally healthy during their travels, especially the long journeys.

One of the best parts of the film was when an astronaut spoke about unscrewing 35 screws and that each one can take several minutes to unscrew.  He said, “I take the ZEN approach.”  He focuses on one screw at a time, not thinking about all that is left.  He says he stays present in his immediate task so that he doesn’t drive himself crazy.

So to my surprise astronauts take a physically fit and mentally strong approach to their journeys in space.

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Is There Exercise In Space?

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