So many clients talk about what they use to look like and how they use to be able to eat or drink whatever they wanted.  They tell me about their college sport days and their body never feeling injuries.  I hear about “before I had kids” life.  I listen to, “I used to be a size 32 waist in my twenties.”  We all have our pasts and how it effects our present.  But how long do you let it effect you?

There are enough present and future issues to think about.  Why take up time thinking about your past.  In my business I find it only weighs a person down.  It stops clients from feeling good about themselves in the present because they are always comparing themselves to their past.  It prevents any future change because they aren’t willing to let go of their past.

You must embrace your present life and what that looks like.  You need to look forward to a future of possibilities.  Thinking about how it used to be will keep you unavailable for what it CAN BE!

Is your past weighing you down?

Is Your Past "Weighing" You Down?

Is Your Past “Weighing” You Down?

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