Here is what I really did -

I picked up my sample Wellness Journal the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend. I needed to go through it and make any last corrections before final print. I put it off because I knew I would be thinking to myself, “I need to redo this. It should have…..  I forgot ……..   It needs …….. It isn’t good enough.” I knew that once I had it in my hands that the fear of it not being perfect would get the best of me. I didn’t do it Friday like I said I would. I finally decided to do it Saturday.

I created a way to make it happen. I decided to PAIR: sitting down to do something that I have doubts about WITH doing something that I know I am good at.

This is how I ended up doing so many exercises. I am good at exercising. It comes naturally. I like challenging my will. I like pushing my strengths.

For every page that I sat and read and corrected, I got up and did 10 handstand push ups, 20 jump squats and 30 ab crunches. Thankfully, there were only 13 pages of actual content that I had to read through. It was great. I didn’t feel the need to second guess or doubt. I read it. I corrected it. I stopped myself from being judgmental. I just did it - like I do when I exercise. I just do it.

Trust me, there are so many things I want to add and change so maybe there is a Wellness Journal “revised version” in my future.

All I know is that on my bucket list I had, “Write a book”. There was nothing about “Write a perfect book”.

What is it that you are putting off?

What can you pair it with that empowers you to do it?

Be Healthy - Be Happy

No Excuses!


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