Over the 10 years I have been with clients going through marriages and divorces, having a baby and losing a loved one. Some have battled diseases and others have dealt with injuries. Wherever a client may be in his or her life, it doesn’t seem to effect the bond they make with each other.
Picture this - one person leaving and one person coming. The person leaving is super happy to be done with their session with me. The person arriving is not. A lot of times the same people are back to back and see each other 2-3 times a week. They don’t know anything about each other, other than that they endure one hour with me and yet they bond rather quickly. The person leaving says, “Don’t you wish you were me?” The person arriving says, “I am so jealous you get to leave.” And that is how it starts - LOVE at LisaFit!
It is awesome when two strangers bond even if it is over the fact they both don’t enjoy their time with me. If hating on me gets you to love one another - then so be it. The things I do for love.
But let’s be real - each and every one of you that come into my studio, you really love it!
You love investing in your wellness.
You love all the personal time.
You love thinking about your body.
You love talking about your health.
You love making a difference in your life.
You love it (right?!?)
The photo captures the love three people have for each other after meeting at my studio SEVERAL years ago. It all started one day at LisaFit.
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