I will be forever grateful to Corepower Yoga for training me, hiring me and allowing me to “do my thing”. I did teacher training after my father passed away and I no longer felt like a daughter. I signed up after my youngest started preschool because I was done being a stay-at-home mother. I committed to getting my certification yoga hours in 8 weeks because my tuition only covered that much time and we were five people living on one income.

I way by far in the company of the best!
I am going to call some of you CPY peeps out.
I fell asleep in child’s pose in Meredith Gnau’s class, mind you child’s pose if the first pose.
I swore all the time during teacher training with Emily Desmond and she never blinked an eye.
I felt like Shrek in comparison to watching Beth O’Reilly demonstrate postures.
I know Amy O is somehow related to Yoda with her Jedi mind tricks.
I carried notecards with me everywhere which Sheri Colosimo chuckled at.
I had the pleasure of Heather Peterson helping me to say “Ujjayi” breath and many other Sanskrit words.
I remember teaching at the same time of Steve Hubbard and telling him, “If I took my shirt off – I too would have a packed room!”
I was lucky to be hired and to take class from the late Trevor Tice.

My CPY journey definitely checks off the infamous Lululemon bag quote, “Do one thing a day that scares you”. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. THANK YOU to all of you and to those I didn’t name. I know you have all impacted my journey into being LisaFit.

Namaste - CPY friends!

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