Miranda’s Journey

This is a client who has been coming to LisaFIT since 9/20/2011. She has left and come back, gone up and down, back and forth but one thing has been consistent – she has NEVER allowed any of that to be an excuse to stop investing in her health and wellness.
Nothing gets in this woman’s way. She has the most active vacations. She walks during her lunch breaks. She tries out all the latest and greatest fitness boutiques. She researches all sorts of health products, from
supplements to joint support to pain relief. She continues on with injuries, crazy work schedules, trips away and even on long airplane rides.
I am constantly inspired by her tenacity and utter persistence to be healthier in her choices and ultimately happier in her body.
Thank you Miranda for investing and trusting in me for 7+ years. It has been a remarkable journey with you constantly defying all excuses! 

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices

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