Sound familiar?

“I can’t workout in a mask.”
“I hate shopping with a mask."
“It is uncomfortable to wear a mask."
“It is a pain to remember to bring a mask.”
“I don’t even want to do anything because I have to wear a mask."

You are not alone.

Remember -
Can’t is a choice,
Hate will eat you up.
Find comfort in an uncomfortable place.
Turn your pain into something productive.
If a little mask stops you from doing things that can make you healthy and happy - you may have bigger problems my friend.

I have always been an early morning person but now there is even more reason to get up before the world does. I do not have to wear a mask to exercise. I can go out on a run and not worry about maintaining six feet from anyone. I can take narrow paths without putting on a mask. I can rub my nose, cough, sneeze or even spit if I want to without anyone blinking an eye.

You can wait until you don’t have to wear a mask to live your life.
You can live your life.

Be Healthy - Be Happy

No Excuses!

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