Calling All Morning Workout-ers!

How Do You Get Through Your Morning Workout?
Sometimes a good playlist isn’t enough. Have you been there? Where you feel unmotivated?? Where you are mentally drained that it has oozed into your physical being?? Where you just don’t know how you are going to get through another day, regardless of a workout or not??
So either you have your own private gym like me and can set up your favorite morning brew along with an entertaining television show OR you come to Spin Pump!
Spin Pump is every 630AM, Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings. It is the best way to get through your workout. The 60 minutes goes by super fast because the music is pumping, people are chatting, weights are moving and bodies are sweating. Before you know it, the hour is done and you can check exercise off your list for the day.
Come join us in October with a new instructor, Chris. Totally well versed in motivating you and getting you to enjoy your workouts. Your first class is always free. Contact me to reserve your spin spot. I still want you to get a lot of personal attention in a group setting so the class maximum is six participants – RSVP is a must.


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Do You Cleanse?

In less than 30 days I will be celebrating another year on earth. I am one of those rare people that embrace getting older. I look at it as a time to reflect on all the amazing experiences that have changed me and the incredible people who have inspired me. Its a chance to learn from the not so memorable times and a great opportunity to walk away from those who have wronged me. I always like to do something for myself in recognizing another year of life that is connected to health and wellness. This year I am taking the days up to my birthday to “cleanse”.
I am not a big advocate of the cleanses out there where you drink nothing but water and lemon or the ones where you travel to a remote location to fast with other people or even the programs where you eat only raw foods. I think of cleansing as more of an intimate process than purely just what you are ingesting or where you are residing. Cleansing is both an elimination – letting go and a rejuvenation – a fresh start. It can be the end of a bad habit and it can be the beginning of a new process. It doesn’t happen in a three day fast or a five day raw diet. It isn’t about taking a pill or drinking a tea or paying for expensive juices. It is about you recognizing your own impurities, understanding your poisons, acknowledging the toxic people and being ready to do what is necessary to CLEAN HOUSE.
I am going be cleaning out everything and anything that no longer serves a purpose in my life. That means I am cleaning out closets, going through my computer, rummaging through my garage AND wiping out contacts. It is a great way to literally “clean house”. I am going to take on a plant based diet. There is something rather therapeutic and medicinal about eating only what grows straight from earth’s soil. Plus vegetables and fruits have a natural high fiber and high antioxidant property to them, aiding in elimination and rejuvenation. I am adding hot yoga to my exercise ritual to purge and to release tightness. I am going back outside for longer runs and rides to clear my head and aid in mental focus. I am avoiding caffeine and alcohol, wish me luck!
If you could do something for 30 days that would have a profound affect on your life, what would it be? If you did a “cleanse” – what would you want to get rid of? If you could start fresh, what would you do?
Join me. Why not? We can do it together. I will post all my runs and yoga outings on Instagram or Twitter (lisayeefit). You can have all my veggie dishes if you keep checking my website. OR come to LisaFIT – lets CLEANSE and then come October 1st we will CELEBRATE the new us!
No Excuses!!


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Can You Please Stop?

You people (women) are killing me with these glute exercises:
“Jane Fonda” kicks
Fire Hydrant Lifts
Hip Thrusts
Frog Leg Raises
I am here to tell you LADIES and I say ladies because I have yet to see any men out there doing these exercises, you cannot spot train your ass. I am sorry to burst your butt bubble. I know those exercises can benefit your glutes in some small way but they won’t build a butt!. Also – no man does any of those exercises and there are some FINE male booties out there. Unless you are caring for a hurt knee or enduring hip issues, there is no real reason to be doing those very silly exercises. If you really want a great bee-hind do what works – squats: jump, one legged, weighted, incline, decline, stacked, loaded etc. Make sure to add walking lunges into your workout. Run hills during your cardio. Get on a spin bike, turn the resistance up and arch your back. These are better ways to get your butt into tip top shape. Remember, you can’t just train the bootie without the legs or the back. I hear women say all the time, “I don’t want my legs to get big.” Guess what? The legs are attached to the butt and you have to work it all. There is no such thing as spot reduction or spot toning or spot building. It is ALL connected. So the next time you are training “glutes” remember what works – squats, lunges, hills, cycling. Give that a try and I promise you won’t feel the need to lay on the ground and thrust your hip up or kick your leg out or look like a jazzercise video.
As always, I am here for you and your bootie. If you need help training your glutes efficiently or building your butt correctly – come and find me.


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Own Your Fate

Are you ready to own your own fate?  Stop over thinking.  Stop over analyzing.  I know you want to make the choice to just “jump right in” and start today.  Start investing in a healthier way.  Start finding your self worth.  Start doing something about being better.  Start doing things that help you versus doing things that hurt you.  These are hard choices but if you don’t make the choice now – someone or something will make it for you and you will be forced to do something about it.  Like your body, it will decide for you by presenting with illness, injury and pain.  What are you waiting for?  You either jump in or you get pushed in.  Wouldn’t you rather own your fate?IMG_7991

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Is LisaFIT For Men?

All this week on Facebook,

I am featuring a man a day.  Check it out and let me know if you have a man in your life that needs some Focus Intense Training t LisaFIT.


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Is LisaFIT For Men?

Hell YES!! I get men asking me all the time, “Do you train guys?” One of my very first clients was a man. I have trained young boys for athletics, college guys for conditioning, professional men who sit and want to get rid of back pain, golfers who want a stronger swing and so on. Men from all walks of life have walked into my studio and ‘”earned” their LisaFIT shirt. Not to mention, most of the interns that I have mentored have been MEN. I train men. I teach men.
This whole week I am posting men, flexing and exercising in their well deserved LisaFIT shirts. Today I feature Jon – wonderful husband, active father of a toddler, competed in Men’s Physique, works full time and still has the motivation to sport his LisaFIT shirt proudly, working out in the gym every day – NO EXCUSES!
If you have a brother, a husband, a son, a man in your life that needs NO EXCUSE to get back into shape you need to contact me now. I have a shirt waiting for him to earn at my studio!


IMG_6042 IMG_6050 IMG_6051

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Are You Happy?

So many people come to me because they are NOT happy with their bodies. They are NOT happy with their health. They are NOT happy with their choices that have led them to where they are now. They are NOT happy with their health and wellness. And what do I have to say to that? NO EXCUSES! Life is WAY too short to be unhappy.

I just sent out postcards to people on my mailing list. The card simply says, “I hope you are happy with your body and healthy in your choices. If you are not – then do something different.” Its just that simple my friends – either you stay unhappy doing the same thing or you change things up and work on being happy. Key word is “WORK”.

For instance, when I go do a workout – it makes me happy because I am carving out time for myself and investing energy into my health. As I am driving to the gym I start my mindset, “Give to myself” Once I park, I put on my earbuds, crank the tunes and start singing. I walk into the gym already smiling. I am in the zone to give to myself. I do a quick 5 minute warm up and I make sure to smile the entire time. Smiling elicits happy feelings and happy thoughts AND it’s contagious. Smiling is a powerful tool – try it. I sing and smile for five minutes. Then I head to the weight room and I find a spot in the gym where I can set up “LisaFIT camp” – is what I call it. I know I don’t smile while I am training hard and I don’t expect anyone to smile when they are struggling to get through a rep or a circuit. BUT – once I grab my jump rope to do some quick conditioning inbetween sets – I am ALL SMILES. I am one happy jumper. I am singing, smiling and moving to my music. It is all happy thoughts – “Giving to myself”. It doesn’t matter if I am going to the gym, taking a run, heading into a yoga class or hitting the ocean, what makes me happy is giving to myself – investing into my health. My whole world could be crumbling down around me but as long as I can give a slither of time to my health and wellness, I am one happy camper!

Where do you give to your health and wellness that puts a big smile on your face? If you struggle with answering that question let me help you. After all, happiness is contagious when you surround yourself with happy people. I promise your time with me will bring a big smile to your face. You will leave feeling super happy and you will stay feeling incredibly healthy!


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Can You Feel My Love?

I think it was over two weeks ago that I attended World IDEA 2015 in Los Angeles. While I was there I made a goal for myself to be a presenter at the next conference. I discussed my topics to other fitness experts. I asked attendees if they would be interested. I sat in lectures that were similar to what I wanted to present. I have done my homework and now I have to submit my ideas. It is so scary to put yourself out there. This is my heart and soul. This is my love.
I got the pleasure of having dinner with a wonderful business friend. I got asked, “In regards to your work – What do you love?” I said, “I love making an impact on my clients health and wellness”. Then I got told, “That is too vague – what do you do that is impacting your clients?” I had to really think about that. I said, “I get inside my clients world so that they know they are not alone on the struggles of health and wellness.” I felt pretty darn good about that answer and was proud for being able to come up with something on the spot. But that wasn’t enough. Then I got asked, “What tools do you use to show your love?” This was an easy answer, ” I write.” It didn’t end there. He asked, “Does your audience feel your love through your writings?” I said, “I hope so but only they can answer.”
So here I am asking, Can you feel my love when you read my writings? I ask you this because I am applying to lecture at the World IDEA 2016. I have to make sure that I stand out. That my love for what I do comes across in my application, in my writings. I have to make sure that when you read my thoughts and hear me speak my mind, that you feel my love.
Can you feel my love?


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What’s My Name?

I was at PF Changs this weekend talking about making a name for myself in the world of fitness when the bill and fortune cookies came. I reached for my fortune cookie, ate a piece of it and read words that have been speaking to me for the past year. I got goose bumps. I was speechless. I held back tears because I was amongst others who wouldn’t understand my struggle. Not to mention that it was a little odd to be moved by a fortune cookie. These words meant more to me than being LisaFIT. They meant more than working on my brand, marketing myself or promoting my studio.

For the past six months I have working on getting my maiden name back after being married for 15 years. I have made several trips to the Family Court House to request certified copies of my divorce decree and let me tell you – those people work on another time system than I do. I have slept in the waiting area of DMV to change my drivers license. I have been to Social Security Office twice to have them re-type my name on my card. I have been on the phone to airlines and hotels to make sure I retain all my points. The last of my loose ends was having my passport photo retaken to submit a name change. I had to be ambitious in nature to get what most people take for granted – their name. We all have to be ambitious in nature to make a name for ourselves – or to just get what we want. And for me, I wanted the name I was given at birth. I wanted to be Lisa Yee.

So the good fortune of me opening up this cookie and reading how I will make a name for myself – it will go down in my book as a pivotal moment in my life. Now that I am finished getting my maiden name back, I am working full force to get you to know LisaFIT. I have an internal fire that fuels me to make sure that LisaFIT is what you think of when you want change. I have a constant drive in me that doesn’t sleep because I want you to think of LisaFIT when you want more. I have a permanent smile on my face thinking of how LisaFIT can squeeze into your life. I am on a compelling campaign to get you to be happy with your body and healthy in your mindset. If you aren’t happy and healthy then you should come to LisaFIT. I want you to know that you have NO EXCUSES because I am here, Lisa Yee – owner and creator of LisaFIT.

What’s my name?


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Fuel Yourself With Stuffed Mushrooms

2 Large Portabello Mushrooms with stems taken out
1cup of cooked quinoa
1 cup of chopped green beans
1 cup of chopped carrots
2 tbsp of minced garlic
2 tbsp of olive oil
1 tsp of crushed red peppers
1/4 cup of parmesan cheese
1/2 of a large avocado
Saute green beens, carrots, minced garlic in olive oil. Cook until soft, then add crushed red peppers, pinch of salt and pepper. Add vegetable mixtures to cooked quinoa, mix well then add mashed avocado and parmesan cheese. Place mixture into mushrooms, bake 400 degrees for 30 minutes. This is so yummy. If you are vegan then take out cheese, you really don’t need it. If you are meat eater, add a spicy sausage and take out crushed peppers. Remember the mixture that makes this a healthy stuffing is: quinoa instead of bread crumbs and avocado to bind it all together instead of loads of cheese.


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