What’s Right?

There are so many fitness workouts, diet programs, cleanses, etc.  How do you know what is right for you?  I know of people who will keep doing a certain exercise plan because they get results but they also get injured.  I hear of people going back to the same diet program because they lost a lot of weight but were starving.  I have
worked with people on cleanses who were tired and grumpy but love the fact they were “cleaning” out their insides.  I am here to tell you that those are not right for you.  You don’t have to be in pain, hungry or tired to be healthy and happy with yourself.

If your workouts are causing pain – you need to stop.  If your diet is leaving you hungry – you need to stop.  If your cleanse is making you tired – you need to stop.  I know sometimes investing time and money makes it hard to stop.  I know that focusing on the results is tempting but you have to enjoy your life.  I know that we are wired to think that everything comes with a price but the price IS the hard work, motivation and discipline.  Pain, hunger and tiredness are wrong.

It’s not easy to know what is right or wrong for you.  It’s an experiment and most of us work on trial and error versus someone telling us what is right.  The kicker is a lot of the times what is right for us isn’t always the quick path, the fun choice or what we want to hear.  Stop doing what is wrong for you today.  Come talk
to me and together we can find what is right for you.

What’s right?

What's Right?

What’s Right?

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Can You Go Upside Down?

There are 6 elements to an inversion / going upside down.

3 are physical and 3 are mental.

Three physical elements are:

1) Connecting to the arm muscles and how to elicit them

2) Feeling transfer of weight move from feet to hands gradually

3) Locking the torso and contracting your abdominal strength

Three mental elements are:

1) Releasing your doubt

2) Understanding your fear

3) Giving yourself patience

I promise once you tap into these 6 elements then you will be upside down in no time and be able to play there!

Can You Go Upside Down?

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Do You DARE Eat That?

halloween 2014 LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer

Do You DARE Eat That?

Multiple Choice: M&Ms, Skittles, Reeses, Kit Kat, Candy Corn,

1) What has a shelf life of ONE year and would take 20 minutes of jumping rope to kill off?

2) What contains NINE different dyes and takes 40 minutes on a stationary bike to slaughter?

3) What has over TWO hundred calories and takes 30 minutes of running to execute?

4) What has ELEVEN grams of fat per serving and take 60 minutes of walking to annihilate?

5) What has TWENTY NINE grams of sugar and takes 25 minutes of circuit training to massacre?


1) Candy Corn, 2) Skittles, 3) Kit Kat, 4) Reeses, 5) M&Ms

Happy Halloween

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Are You Too Sensitive?

When you walk into LisaFIT it’s because you want me to help you, that is a vulnerable place to be in.  When we start talking about why you haven’t met your goals on your own, it is a very emotional discussion.  When you start training with me it is a very intimate setting because it is just you and I.  The whole process is challenging and it requires compassion, empathy and a lot of sensitivity on both of our parts.

Recently I was told that I am “too sensitive” and it was not the first time nor do I think it will be the last time.  I use to take offense to those words.  Now that I am older I take it as a compliment although it is never said to me in a kind voice.  I grew up being called “too sensitive”.  I was sad watching “Charlotte’s Web”.  It made me sensitive to what happens to animals in order for us to eat them.  My parents said, “Just don’t think about it and eat your food!”.  At school I was bullied from second grade to seventh grade.  My sister would yell at the kids.  My parents would tell me to ignore them.  I was hurt because people were mean.  It made me more sensitive to the words that I say to other people and how much they can hurt.  I used to watch the news in the morning and hear about the deaths, accidents and illnesses.  I felt terrible for those people and anyone who had to endure such pain.  I was told in a matter of fact sort of way, “Death happens everyday”, which to me seemed an insensitive thing to say even if it is a fact.  Still today if the song, “Same Love” comes on I tear up because I cannot imagine being hated for who I love.

So I understand that to the rest of the world I am “too sensitive”.  I am affected by they way we treat animals.  I am hurt by the words people say not just to me but to each other and behind close doors.  I pause my breath every time I hear of a death.  I let things effect me which makes me “too sensitive” by majority but who is to say that the majority is right.  My sensitivity allows me to be vulnerable, emotional and intimate with clients, friends and family.  Can you say the same for you?  How many of you choose to “not think about it” to make yourself less
sensitive?  How many of you yell through your emotions so you won’t cry?  How many of you ignore to manage your hurt?  How many of you have become callus to death because you hear about it all the time?  How many of you hate what is unfamiliar to you?  How many of you still feel the need to hold back your tears so others won’t
think you are “too sensitive”

Are you too sensitive?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 131

Are You Too Sensitive?

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What Really Matters?

I am home sick.  Since I am not working out or going to work where I get to work out other people, I am watching people working out on The Biggest Loser.  I really like this show because it clearly states the mental, emotional aspect of weight gain and loss.

The contestants work hard throughout the entire week before each weigh in.  They are eating healthy.  They are exercising more.  This all results in them feeling better about themselves.  Some report their cholesterol is better. Others say they are no longer at risk for diabetes.  They have more energy, less pain and an overall better sense of health and wellness.  But all of that seems to not matter when they stand on the scale and see their weight. That’s the part I don’t like.  The negative feelings they carry when they haven’t lost as much weight seems to out weigh (no pun intended) all their hard work.  I know it’s tv but those feelings weigh heavy on a person and that matters.

It’s a sad shame that we see them so down when they are truly in a better emotional and physical state.  For almost the entire hour we get to witness their strengths both in and out of the gym.  We watch them triumph over struggles.  We hear them say how happy they are with themselves.  That’s what matters!

If you are trying to lose weight please focus on what matters.  How well do you sleep?  How much water do you drink?  How many vegetables do you eat a day?  How strong do you feel?  How well do you manage your stress? All of those matter “weigh” more than what the scale reads.

I encourage you to watch the show but understand –

What really matters?

What Really Matters?

What Really Matters?

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Are You A Pain?

Mayo Angelou said, “Just because you are in pain doesn’t mean you have to BE a pain.”

I had a client tell me he purchased a series of five deep tissue massages.  I asked how it was going.  He said, “Well I don’t swear and yell at the therapist like I do when you massage me.”  I asked him why not. He told me, “I don’t want the therapist to think I am a wimp and can’t handle the pain.”

I had another client tell me that when she use to train at a big gym she never complained or whined during her sessions.  I asked why.  She said she didn’t want everyone in the gym hearing her sound so pathetic.  She said, “I don’t want everyone thinking I am a loser”.

Let me get this straight, with me you can swear and yell.  With me you can complain and whine.  When you are not with me, you cannot because you don’t want anyone to think you are a wimp or a loser.  I am here to tell you that you are not a wimp so handle the pain like a champion.  You are not a loser so handle the session like a winner.  I know you can because you do it when you are not with me!

Guess what?!  You are not alone.  We all go through pain.  Pain does not give you permission to be mean nor does it give you the right to be a wimp or a loser.  In fact pain gives you the chance to prove your strength and understand your weaknesses.  It gives you the opportunity to rely on others who care about you and walk away from those who sabotage you.  Pain has the amazing ability to create relationships and break up relationships.  Pain can motivate change or can also spiral you into insanity.  Pain can teach a lesson or promote ignorance.  Pain can create a community or cultivate loneliness.  Pain can deepen empathy or intensify impassivity .  Pain will come in and out of your life so learn to use it to your advantage.

Being in pain hurts – I get it.  Living with chronic pain is uncomfortable – I understand that.  Feeling like you have no control over your pain is depressing – I have been there.  Being a pain because you have pain – you are on your own with that.

Are you a pain?

Are You A Pain?

Are You A Pain?

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Do You Like Me?

I use to teach group fitness classes at various gyms, clubs and studios.  One time I was “subbing” for another instructor last minute so there wasn’t enough time to add my name onto the website as a sub.  I was checking people into the class when one guy stops and asks me, “Are you teaching this class?”  I told him that I was filling
in because the regular instructor was ill.  He looked very upset.  He quickly said, “Take me out of the class.”  As he walked out he mumbled to the other people waiting in line to sign in, “I don’t like that instructor”.  His words raised eyebrows and I immediately felt hurt.  A person in line asked, “What did you do to him?”

I know not everyone will like me.  That guy who left my class probably wasn’t the first student to not like me. Not everyone likes the way I teach.  My classes are intense but not because I make up hard exercises.  It’s because I am in your space.  I make sure you do it right.  I hold you accountable for your actions.  I don’t let
you cheat yourself.  I call you out when I know you are holding back.  You can’t hide in the back corner.  You can’t stare at yourself in the mirror.  I don’t let you lose any bit of the 60 minutes you signed up for.  I believe in hard work when you step into my class.  Not everyone will like that – I get that.  What I don’t get is this:

I genuinely care about people who come into my space.  I honestly put your needs in front of mine when I am helping you.  I am consistently there for you when you need me.  I don’t compete with you.  I don’t judge you.  I won’t lie or cheat.  So in the game of life, all the people that come in and out of your life, how many can you say
will be like me and genuinely care about you?

What did I do to you?  I cared about you.  I know you don’t like me.  It’s because I hold you accountable.  It’s because you can’t cheat with me.  You can’t fool me.  You can’t lie to me.  You can’t compete with me.  It’s because I see who you are.

Do you like me?

I care about you

I care about you

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What Did It Cost?

Today was “Walk To School Day” for my children.  We, I mean “I” was thrilled to walk but my kids were not so happy.  They complained.  They moaned.  They whined.  It was ridiculous.

As we were walking up to school, there was a woman holding a sign that says, “Wine Needed for Gala – Please Donate”.  I just so happen to have a very nice bottle of Petite Syrah straight from Napa.  Guess where that bottle is going … To the schools gala.

I get to school and they are asking parents to buy a class shirt for their child.  The cost is only $5.  I have a $20 bill and the office asks, “Do you want change?”   I am reading the shirt flyer and it says, “If you cannot afford a shirt your child will still be provided one from school funds.”  After reading that I tell the front office lady to apply my change to the funds to help pay for the children who cannot afford a shirt.

While I am walking away from the school I stop and talk to a mother who wants to know if I am going to “Coffee with the Principal”.  She says she wants to talk to the principal about a fitness program at recess.  She tells me about it and says, “Hey – would you want to host maybe once a week at lunch a little fitness activity for the kids? This way the school doesn’t have to pay an outdoor vendor.”  I say, “Sure – I can do that.”

So today I walked to school with my grumpy kids, gave away a bottle of wine you can’t get in SD, donated money so kids who can’t afford a shirt can get one AND offered to volunteer once a week hosting a fitness class for children to be more active.  This walk cost me a lot today!

What did it cost?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 130

What Did It Cost?

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Do You Want To See It?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 129

Do You Want To See It?

What your looking at is a photo of two nutritional labels.  The left one is what we see now on food.  The right one is the proposed new label making it clear for people to see what they are eating.  The calories are larger, it’s portions are measured in sizes that we know like cups not ounces.  It’s clearly stated but if you don’t turn the package around to read the nutritional facts – You won’t see it!

This is the issue with people, they don’t want to see it.  They don’t want to know.  They don’t want to be held accountable.  They don’t want to be responsible for their life.

If you don’t look in the mirror – you won’t see yourself.  If you don’t check in with your partner – you won’t know how your relationship is doing.  If you don’t ask your boss for a review – you won’t know how well you are at your job.  If you don’t turn the food package around – you won’t know what you are eating.  You won’t ever see it.

So it’s up to you to see it and if you don’t, it’s not because you couldn’t – it’s because you didn’t want to.

Do you want to see it?

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Do You Kick Butt?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 128

Do You Kick Butt?

This is how I started my 43rd year, KICKING BUTT!  I couldn’t think of a better way to start my 43rd chapter of my life.  It sure beats 43 spankings…
If you can’t kick your own butt, who can?

Do you kick butt?

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