Are You Running On Empty?

Yesterday I ate four pieces of sprouted bread, two tablespoons of almond butter, three vegan tenders, one tablespoon of hummus, half cup cooked kaniwa, a handful of berries and my homemade kale beet drink. Mind you I did start my day at 4AM. After 12P I significantly slowed my eating down because my activity slowed down and I knew I would be in bed by 8PM. I had an one apple, ten ounce protein shake, half cup of cooked carrots with kale, one cup of quinoa and another homemade kale beet drink. You can do the math to find out how many calories, fat, protein, etc., etc., but the reality is – you need to fuel yourself up for the day.
If you are going on a long road trip, you make sure to have a full tank of gas. Each day that we live is like a long road trip. You don’t always know where all the fuel stations are (when you will have the opportunity to eat). You don’t always know what the traffic will be like (the things that pop up that make your day busy). You just don’t know.
Most people start their day on empty and end their day with a big meal that they feel full. Try this: eat most of your calories the first eight hours of your day and slowly taper off eating as your day ends. Crazy idea to start your day FULL and end your day EMPTY.

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Do You Golf?

I do not but I will do just about anything for a good cause. I am a sucker for any charity and if it involves providing for children – well sign me up! Yesterday I played nine holes of golf, nine more than I have ever played. I am always humbled by my lack of eye hand coordination. I am always amused by the thoughts that go through my mind like “I look like an idiot”, “I am terrible at this” and my favorite “I suck!” Sort of the same words that a lot of my clients say to me when I teach them a new exercise. So not only did I do something that allowed me to live outside my comfort zone BUT I had to live my own words. “You look like someone trying something new.” “You are new at this, not terrible at this.” “You are trying NOT sucking”. In other words, “You are the only one judging yourself – no one else is.”photo 1 photo 2


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Do You Want Self Control?

If you live with this statement, “I don’t have enough self control to give up _____” then please read this post!

I had this text-versation today. It took me going upside down, literally changing my perspective to reply to this.  Self control in the world of diet and fitness always seems to go straight to the dark side.  People say, “I don’t have self control to say ‘NO'” or “I don’t have self control to stop.”  I have never heard anyone say, “I have SO MUCH self control” or “I LOVE having self control.”

Do You Want Self Control

As a fitness trainer I don’t have any special tricks or certain tools to gain self control either.  As a health and wellness coach I can tell you that self control is about “control” and “restraint”.  I don’t know about you but those two words don’t normally send me to a warm and fuzzy place.  I tend to feel limited when things are always controlled and denied when there are restraints.  If that resonates with you then self control is felt as a negative thing and of course you aren’t going to want that.

So back to our original statement, “I don’t have enough self control to give up _____”.  Why not acknowledge that  statement, let it run through your mind and allow it to sit somewhere quietly.  How about making THIS statement
louder, “I have enough self motivation to get or gain what I want which is _____.”  One statement is about what you don’t have and giving up.  The other statement is about what you do have and gaining.  Do you understand that?  Every time you are in a situation you feel you do not have self control, sit down and text me – I am SERIOUS, PLEASE TEXT ME these words “I have enough self motivation to get what I want which is _______(fill in the blank)” I promise if you can make the “this is what I have” and “this is what I get” louder than “this is what I don’t have” and “this is what I can’t have” THEN you will be on your way to finding some peace with your trying situations that require “self control”.

Do you want self control?

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You Want Some Protein?

Here is a great way to get loads of protein without overdosing on animal products.
I box of Ancient Harvest Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Pasta (about $3 at Sprouts)
I lb bag of Earthbound Farm Organic Deep Green Blends Power ($5 at Vons), use 6 cups of greens

Cook pasta, make sure to check after 7 minutes because this pasta has a tendency to become “smooshy”.  Drain pasta.  In large pot, mix pasta and greens with olive oil for about 1-2 minutes until greens are soft. Now you have a high protein, complex carbohydrate, rich in iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C base to add anything you want to it.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!  I mixed mine with sun dried tomatoes, sweet onions, minced garlic, dried basil and dried oregano.  I LOVE Italian food!
This literally cost $8 to buy and took me ten minutes to make and it created SEVEN simple Power Protein Bases.  You can add anything you want to it to change up the dish.  Make it tonight and for the rest of the week, I will post what you can make with this Power Protein Base thats simple and easy.

Each container:
Calories 123
Fat 5 (only because I used 2tbsp olive oil)
Carbohydrate 21 (Fiber 5 / Sugar .5)
Protein 9

homemade protein

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Are You Ready To Commit?

gym membership

I met a new client last week. He walks in and hands me my paperwork and says, “I didn’t fill it out because I am not ready to commit but don’t worry – I will pay you.” I say, “I am not asking for a commitment.” When a person walks into my studio, there are no contracts to sign, membership levels or commitments to hold you down. All I ask is that you listen with an open mind and I will listen with an open heart, that you do what you say and I will do exactly what I say, that you tell me what you want so I can do whatever I can to help you and in trade you do whatever it is necessary to help yourself.
This is a relationship between you and I, the only binding “contract” or commitment is your conscience. My new client decided to fill out the paperwork at the end of the session. I said, “You sure you want to do that?  How do you know I am ready to commit?”

Are you ready to commit?

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What Do You Want From Me?

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What’s Your List?

Yesterday I posted an ad for organic foods on sale at a local market. I since have made my grocery list or what I like to call, plan of attack.

What is your plan of attack

I call it a plan of attack because when I walk into a grocery store I feel like I have to be ready, be prepared, be strong. I have to get pass the chip aisle, the bottles of wine and even at checkout there are the chocolates. Lastly I like to make sure that I buy what’s on sale and not get distracted by pretty packaging or what’s “new”. So – I walk into a grocery store with a plan of attack.

It’s pretty much like that in all areas of my life that I want to succeed in. I have found that if I sit down and write out what I want and all the details on how to get what I want, then I have a better chance of succeeding. Versus if I don’t write it down and just jump right into something hoping I will do it right or thinking that I have it all in my head – the outcome is usually bleak.

For instance if you walk into your grocery store without a list, how many of you walk out saying “Oh shoot I forgot …..” or thought, “How in the world did I spend so much money?” Or last but not least and my personal favorite, “I just walked in to get a few things …..”

You need a plan of attack. You need one for the grocery shopping, for buying a house, saving for retirement and even taking a vacation. There needs to be something written down holding you accountable for what you want. You need to think it, write it, see it and be able to check it off your list when you are done.

What’s your list? Or plan of attack?

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Do You Fit In?

This week I am away for a Personal Trainer conference.  I am already lined up to learn from the best.  I have meetings with trainers from all over the country, I get to workout with exercise gurus.  I feel very fortunate to be amongst the elite.  Not only do I get to be around other trainers but I get to be with “my kind”.  For four days I am the norm.  I won’t stand out when I get to the gym at 5AM.  In fact the hotel gym will be packed with people like me wanting to move before having to sit all day long.  I won’t be the only one stretching on the ground during the lectures.  I won’t be the only one carrying a cooler of food around.  I won’t be the only one drinking a protein shake in-between seminars.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it will be to finally “fit in”.

In my day to day life I am always feeling like the odd man out.  I get up while people are sleeping so that I can start my day sweating and giving to myself.  My fridge is stocked with all my meals and snacks for the week so that I don’t get caught hungry or not having enough time to make food.  I sit on the ground and stretch while watching my kids sports instead of sitting on a chair playing on my phone.  I don’t make meal time a big deal in my home as to teach my children that our days don’t revolve around food.  I know I am weird and odd but in my line of business guess what – I fit in.

So from Wednesday to Saturday I will be loving every moment that someone DOES NOT say to me, “You are crazy for getting up so early.”  I will be smiling every time someone DOES NOT ask me, “What are you drinking?”  I will be so happy when I DO NOT get weird looks at me while I stretching on the floor.  I will be amongst my own. For four days no one will look twice, think twice or even care.

I will fit in!

Do you fit in?

LisaFIT ideal personal trainer

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Do You Ride Solo?

Do You Solo - LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer


I recently bought a bike to ride along the coast and give me an alternative to driving my car.  It’s been so nice to jump on my bike and go for a ride whenever I need to get out.  I don’t have to worry about traffic.  I am in no rush.  I am on my own schedule.  I get to be one with the road, check in to my music and just ride.  My rides have been rewarding, enjoyable and so far solo.

I have put on a lot of miles on my bike since purchased and I realize that I am feeling a little lonely.  I ride pass big groups of cyclists meeting up at coffee shops and juice bars.  At stop signs I watch partner cyclists gather, talk and chuckle.  I see couples on tandem bikes.  I view families biking together to have a picnic at the beach.

I keep thinking that it would be nice to share these rides.  I want to stop and get a cup of coffee with someone.  I want to talk about the routes we will take.  I want to share the sights we will see.  It would have been nice to have someone with me when I fell into the street or under the bridge or at the stop light (none of my proudest moments).  It would feel good to endure the hills breathing hard next to another.  It would feel even better coasting the down slopes with the wind blowing past us.  I realized that I can do solo but I want to ride double.

Being solo won’t stop me from riding.  It won’t take from my joy of being outside, listening to my tunes and absorbing the sunshine.  I will keep on pedaling.  I just know that these journeys would be a total different experience if I weren’t solo.  Like anything, it is always better to have someone to share the journey.  It is comforting to endure the ups and downs with someone by your side.  It is reassuring that if you fall, there is someone there to pick you up.  It is nice to be able to get to the top of the hill, look back and say, “Wow – we made it!”

Do you ride solo?

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