“I didn’t start working out with Lisa until after COVID-19 required a stay-at-home order, and if there is one thing (besides our corona puppy) that I am thankful for during quarantine, it would be that I did! Even virtually, you can see the passion and expertise Lisa has when it comes to fitness and health. I have never been one who loves a good workout, but with Lisa it is definitely less painful, almost enjoyable. She is able to push me past where I think is possible, with being very conscious of my body’s needs. If I have a sore muscle or something that is hurting, she is able to adapt the workout flawlessly. From circuit training, to crazy couples’ workouts, I am beyond thankful for the last couple month of workouts, and I look forward to my continued growth and strength that I will get from working out with her. “
June 2020 Client, J.L. Educator

Be Healthy – Be Happy

No Excuses!

Passion and Expertise

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