There is one thing common about the people that hire me – they all want to change something.
There are three paths to getting that change to occur:
1) Tolerate – “I will see what I can do about the workouts but can’t promise anything. I will give the eating thing a try because I know it’s good for me but I am not too happy about this.” 
2) Fight – “There is NO way I will a workout on my own – that is why I hired you. You are out of your mind to think I am going to stop eating at 7PM. I don’t get home until 6PM.” 
3) Embrace – “I will exercise daily and choose healthy foods because it makes me feel better.”
You can go through the motions and eventually achieve success but it won’t stick. You can kick and scream along your path but you are going to hate it and when you finally reach your goal, you will be miserable. The best way to go about it is to accept where you are at and embrace the choice you have made.

Be #Healthy – Be #Happy

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