I love trying new fitness places and now I am sharing my love with you by posting reviews. You want to know about a club, gym, fitness studio, exercise boutique – you name it, I will try it and give you a review.

This weekend I got a pass to Crunch Fitness. Their membership has three tiers and in my opinion it is pricey for what you get. Here’s the nitty gritty –
Locker rooms were simple. Showers had curtains instead of doors. It was nice to see a steam and sauna room. You have to bring your own lock for lockers and they have them all over the gym. Kids club was large with more than one attendant.There was a cycle room, group exercise room and a tanning room. Cardio area was large but extremely tight between each equipment. Their free weights are rubber circle plates with “Crunch” written on them. The configuration of the gym is confusing with rows of equipment surrounding a huge mat area in the middle of the gym for stretching.
Pros – steam and sauna, lockers everywhere but they are non-programmable, big kids club, very clean with new equipment.
Cons – large mat in the center, too close together cardio, only a handful of recline bikes
This specific location – there were a lot of teenagers training incorrectly and messing around, The gym has a dark enclosed feeling. No trainers to be found anywhere. The downstairs is useless space, with plastic table and chairs, upholstery chairs and random odd machines.
I was told by the front desk, “Upstairs is where all the magic happens” – no magic happening here. I have a ten day membership, I used one day.

As always – whatever gets you moving and sweating is great! These reviews are subjective and best to try it for yourself, NO EXCUSES!

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