I Was Wrong!

About a month ago I posted about losing a lot. I was teary eyed and had to re-shoot the video several times. I talked about all of us getting through this together. I mentioned the only way to do that was by focusing on your health and happiness.

I was wrong!

Well, I was kind of wrong. Focus on your health and happiness, yes – but also be available for all the love around you. I for one need to do that more. I am a solo business owner. I am a single mother. I sing to my own tune. I dance alone in my house. I am so focused on myself and being an army of one that I don’t always recognize all the love around me.

The photos you are looking at are “gifts” that have touched my soul and reminds me that there is so much love around me.

take in the love

A client filled my car with pots, soil and plants after I lost everything in a windy storm.

A friend dropped off a thank you bag with wine and ceramic pot.
A sweet soul sent me a French press after hearing mine broke.
A beautiful being left presents at my studio for me this morning.
When I am wrong – I am really wrong. Focus on your Health and Happiness for sure BUT – take in the LOVE around you.

Soak it up.
Marinate in it.

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