the early bird gets

You know the phrase, “The early bird gets the worm.” I hear clients tell me all the time, “I am not a morning person” or “I am a night owl”. You can stay up as late as you want. You can be super productive while the moon is shining. You can even be one of those people that like to pull a “red eye” but your body’s rhythm follows nature. There is natural movement as the sun rises and sets. You can fight it but there is a reason why we have the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”. There isn’t a phrase like, “the night owl gets his prey” or the “red eye is the bright eye”.

I always promote getting up early to invest in your health. Today I was even more thankful. Not only do I get to run without a mask at 4AM but today I just missed the rain and the wind. As soon as I started my core exercises I heard hard pellets of rain hitting my windows. A minute longer in bed and I would have been drenched.

Give it a try. Set your alarm to wake up a little earlier. Try just waking up 15 minutes earlier for a week. Each week move it up 15 minutes and by the end of the month you are awake an entire one hour earlier. Become the early bird.

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