the gift of time

For about 10 years my early mornings have been owned by LisaFit clients. The coveted before sunrise time slots are first to get booked, last to open up and rarely do clients cancel or reschedule at that time.

But guess what? Starting today I have 630AM-730AM free on M/W/F for two weeks!!

I could sleep in – rest more.
I could book a client – work more.
I could do something that makes me love more.
I went surfing!

Surfing has been something I have really wanted to incorporate into my lifestyle. I love the mentality, “going with the flow”. It doesn’t hurt that I am a true to the core beach, sand, ocean, waves, coastline lover.

Today I did my morning run, got into a wetsuit and booties then headed to the beach with Franky in tow. As you can see, the ocean was peaceful, and the sky was gorgeous. I couldn’t have asked for more love.

I am so thankful for the gift of time. If you were given an extra hour, three days a week – what would you do?

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