There is so much value to taking a “Time Out” but I think we have the “timing” all wrong. Parents give their kids time out when they are acting out. The child is removed from the situation because their behavior is not acceptable. Team sports call time out when they are doing poorly. They take the time to devise a new plan that will help them out. 
When my kids were younger, I was in total survival mode and my life felt like a blended game of “Frogger” mixed with “Whack a Mole”, with three children five and under. I would pour a little glass of wine in a Tiffany’s sterling silver baby cup, (portion control) and get a spoon scoop of peanut butter (calorie control), walk into my bathroom and sit on the floor. I would do that before I lost it and tell my kids, “Mommy needs a little time out.” I would sit there until I was done licking my peanut butter, sipping my wine and having a good cry. Little did I know it was sheer brilliance. It taught my kids to take a time out before they reacted versus after.
What would happen if we took a time out before we acted out or before we were doing poorly ? Think about all the not so good moments in your life, the ones you aren’t so proud of. How would things be different if before you reacted, you took a time out? Imagine this – you removed yourself from the situation and calmly thought of a strategic plan that helps you out. How would your life be different? It is all about making the healthiest choices so that you can be happy with yourself. And if giving yourself permission to take a “Time Out”, grab a small cup of wine and a BIG scoop of peanut butter works for you – then take it! If you are finding the holidays are preventing you from being healthy and happy then you will definitely want to read the –12 Days of Wellness!

DAY 11 On the ELEVENTH day of wellness that LisaFIT gave to me – (sing to the tune of “First day of Christmas…”, don’t make me sing it for you.)

You know that moment when you are about to lose it?
Take eleven deep breaths, I would have said ten but I already used that number.
These breaths will help you:
Buy some time before you react
Gain a healthy perspective
Calm yourself down
Clear your mind 

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