Turn your televisions off. Shut down your computers. Remove your phones from your hands. Begin to unplug yourself from the world.
Everything will be okay. 
You will miss nothing.
Life will continue.
There is a weird sense of urgency to click on the little red circle with the number. We are ruled by those silly notifications. There is also a need to fill any empty time with looking at your phone. People take their phones into the bathroom. They grab their phone while sitting at a stop light. It is rare to find anyone standing in line not looking at their phone. Not to mention – if you post something on any social media platform. Don’t you want to know how many people “like” it or comment on it? Come on – don’t you?
It is an addiction that we need to just unplug from. It can be seriously dangerous. The desire to check your phone during an intimate conversation – potentially lose your relationship. The tendency to open your social media apps to keep track of your “likes” – people lose their mind over this. The need to look down at your phone while driving – lose a life. Unplug it or Lose it!
 If you are finding the holidays are preventing you from being healthy and happy then you will definitely want to read the –12 Days of Wellness! 

DAY 7 On the seventh day of wellness that LisaFIT gave to me – (sing to the tune of “First day of Christmas”…, don’t make me sing it for you.)

I know eight is the more traditional mindset but let’s be realistic, some of us are lucky to get six. Shoot for seven and maybe you will get lucky and get eight one night.
Here are SEVEN things that will help you get those SEVEN hours of sleep.
1) Give yourself 30 minutes to get ready for sleep.
2) Lay quiet and still in your bed.
3) Use an eye mask to keep it dark.
4) Place a heat pack on your lower back.
5) Keep your phone out of reach. Unplug from it or you will lose sleep.
6) Put a few drops of lavender on your bedding.
7) An hour before you are go to bed, drink chamomile tea.

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