Victim of COVID19

There is the Freshman 15, the “I am on vacation what is five pounds going to really do?”, and the “Baby Weight” but now we have the COVID19-19. People are staying home and eating way more. I have heard many people complaining that they have put on “Almost 20 Pounds” which is why I am calling this the COVID19-19. I know we cannot control being quarantined but we can control our refrigerators. If you need some help with this – schedule a VIRTUAL SESSION, We can do a Meal Prep Session, Food Journal Session, Health Coaching Session – whatever you need to make sure you are in control of your fridge. I can even be on the phone with you when you go grocery shopping helping you pick out healthy choices. Remember, when this is all over you have to get back into your real clothes, like pants without elastic. Lets make sure you are not a victim of the COVID19-19.

Be Healthy – Be Happy 
No Excuses!

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