I went on a four night cruise last week.  It’s been five nights later and I am still recovering.  My stomach is a mess even though I ate relatively healthy.  I am so tired regardless of the 8-9 hours of sleep I got each night which is more than normal.  My body aches all over and my joints are stiff.  My workouts feel sluggish mind you I did work out every single day but just not to the intensity or duration.  Crazy to think that four nights of eating differently, partaking in alcoholic beverages, going to bed late, waking up even later and not being on my normal schedule would create such chaos in my system.  I thought vacations were a good thing.  I thought taking a “break” was needed.

This just proves my theory that the body likes a schedule.  It does best when things stay the same.  It works at its peak performance when it can rely on consistency.

I never feel like I need a break from my food, sleep or workouts.  What I do need is a break from my computer, my phone and the crazy feeling that the world will end if I don’t check my texts.  Maybe next time I will just take a four night, five day No Electronics “cruise”.

Care to take a break with me?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 29

Want To Take A Break?

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