What Are You Doing To Be Well?
You keep buying the Wellness Journal and I keep mailing them out.
I have walked back and forth to the post office several times now and I have loved every minute.
I see the same postal worker and she asks me the same questions. I get the same priority envelope and pay the same flat rate (except for you Canada people).
The postal worker says to me today, “Do you keep mailing the same thing?” I tell her that I am mailing a Wellness Journal that I wrote. She is impressed - I think 🙂
She says to me, “You can prepay for the envelopes and save yourself a trip. Just put them in the mail.”
I say, “But I like walking here.”
She says, “That’s why you are well!”
Thank you for purchasing my Wellness Journal. I appreciate your support and business.
Please forward this to all your friends and family!
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