I hear that you are missing concerts and theaters. I know people want to go dancing and do exercise classes. People are sad to postpone vacations and traveling.
What are you missing?
It didn’t phase me until today that one BIG way that I connect with people is by touch. I am not a big hugger or a warm greeter but I am the type of person that will go right into your space. I will put my hand on a strangers shoulder if they look sad. I will reach out and grab a child’s hand if I see they are lost. I most always touch first and ask later. May not have been the right thing to do but it is sort of how I am wired.
In my earlier years of teaching exercise classes I never missed a chance to touch each and every person that decided to spend an hour with me. I ran from person to person. I never put out a mat nor did I set up my station. I made sure I spent my entire time touching people and getting them into the correct form or supporting them in need. I didn’t ask, “Is it oaky for me to adjust or assist you?” I just did it.
So with the world that we live in now - I am really missing touching people.
I miss being able to support and care for someone without words.
I miss the intimacy touch offers in silence.
I miss the connection that occurs with just one hand.
I don’t want to stand 6 feet from you anymore.
I don’t want to walk backwards when you come near.
I don’t want to have to keep protecting myself from you.
I miss touching you 🙂
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